Launch of Gro-To


Stark Matthews for the launch of Gro-To.



Introducing Gro-To, the third and newest member of the Go-To family, and by far the cutest. Gro-To is a range of useful, uncomplicated and calming bath and body care products created for kids, rich with regenerative, soothing botanical oils and butters to give even very delicate, unpredictable, or itchy skin a chance to be soft and happy.



The products are clean meaning they’re free from nasties, effective and very safe so parents can really trust what they’re using on their kids. Our challenge was to educate parents on the efficacy of the Gro-To range, communicating the benefits of the worry-free ingredients that are free from nasties and effective for the skin. We wanted to get the product into the hands of some very influential mums and dads and showcase to their audience how the products fit into their children’s world.



Firstly, we developed a PR strategy to build hype and intrigue prior to the launch of the brand launch. Through various communication tactics we were successful in achieving 12 pieces of top tier media coverage even before anyone knew what the top-secret product range was!

Over the course of the launch week media and influencers received their Gro-To packages and all of these were addressed to their kids. Gro-To was designed to give kids a sense of ownership about their body and what’s used on it – the product kits were for them, not their mums and dads! So…Gro-To had officially launched, then what?



Carrie Bickmore pinching her daughters ‘Bad Dream Buster’ for herself!