Aéde’s Hair Activist


Stark Matthews for AÉDE’s Hair Activist.



AÉDE Hair Activist is a one-of-a-kind hair supplement made with a blend of potent vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that your hair really likes. Formulated by a collective of award-winning Naturopaths, Biochemists and scientists, Hair Activist is made from a clean blend of all-natural, potent active ingredients that strengthens, grows and replenishes the hair.



Our challenge arose as we began to launch Hair Activist amidst the outbreak of a global pandemic. Media and consumer attention was focused on the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, which meant there was less of a focus on the beauty and wellness industry. We needed to re-evaluate our launch strategy quickly, to fit within a climate that was evolving daily. The impact of the pandemic was also seen across the media and publishing industry, with the closure of numerous print titles, who we had cultivated close relationships with.



Firstly, we were nimble and acted quickly to develop a new PR strategy, this included a press kit with organic chocolate and wine to ease the stressful conditions that our recipients were facing, whilst talking to the benefits of Hair Activist. Following our media send out (which was a hit!) we started on our pitch campaign. This focused on the increased hair loss women were experiencing during this time, otherwise known as #isohair. Our pitch campaign focused on the additional health benefits Hair Activist offers, such as supporting thyroid health and providing nutritional supplementation, which assists in the relief of stress related hair loss.



The fantastic coverage achieved throughout a particularly volatile time, while offering a solution for women suffering from #isohair or stress related hair loss.



Overall, we achieved some incredible coverage throughout a time of uncertainty. We were successful in changing the narrative to generate some amazing coverage in Body + Soul, Gritty Pretty, Yahoo Lifestyle, Stellar and Woman’s Day to name a few.