Dr Lewinn’s Ultra R4 + Private formula launch



Stark Matthews for the launch of Dr. LeWinn’s newest additions to their Ultra R4 and Private Formula ranges.



Dr. LeWinn’s new skincare launches consisted of four products which were from two different product ranges with particularly different features, benefits and core target markets. Considering this we needed to ensure our launch event allowed us to demonstrate the different messaging of all products and ranges.



We understand how many product launches media attend week to week and wanted to ensure they had a chance to try the newness from Dr. LeWinn’s, without any distractions. As two of the products were for cleansing and the other two face and eye masks, we created the opportunity to encourage use at the event by hosting media in a fitting scenario of an overnight stay.



Inviting media to step away from their desks and join us for a Dr. LeWinn’s Overnighter, it allowed us to immerse them in the ultimate Dr. LeWinn’s experience. Guests were picked up from the office or home and taken to the 5-star exclusive Intercontinental Double Bay for a night of pure indulgence.

As each guest entered their room they were met with a personalised welcome message written in calligraphy on the feature mirror. On their bed, they found a personalised gift (such as a framed photo of themselves and their little ones in case they missed them during their night away or their favourite sweet/savoury treat.) with a handwritten note from the Dr. LeWinn’s team, and of course the new Dr. LeWinn’s products to try.

Guests then joined us for an intimate dinner at the Stillery Dining Room where they were welcomed and officially introduced to the new launches by Dr. LeWinn’s Senior Brand Manager, Lucy Robinson. After a delicious feast, guests retired to their bedrooms with a chance to try the wipes, micellar water and masks for themselves.

After a restful night’s sleep media not only woke to restored, nourished and refreshed skin but to a delivery of a room service breakfast of their choosing. With this came a Dr. LeWinn’s branded ‘newspaper’ featuring info about the brand and new product launches for them to divulge over their meal. No boring press release here!

As each guest left their room to be taken back to the office or, they found a take away lunch pack waiting outside their door to ensure they were set up for the day ahead.



We received the most incredible feedback post the event from our guests. Particularly around the personalised gifts and the effort, thought and attention to detail that would have gone on behind the scenes to execute that element along with the branded newspaper/press release. We believe these were key factors in ensuring this event stood out amongst others, particularly overnighters media had previously attended.



We achieved 115 editorial and social media clips and saw a reach of over 14 million six months post this event. A hugely successful result for Dr. LeWinn’s which helped drive their newest launches.