Foreo ufo mask media & influencer launch event


Stark Matthews for the FOREO UFO Mask Influencer Launch



FOREO was set to launch a revolutionary new category: the world-first UFO smart mask device that provides spa level treatments at home… and in just 90 seconds. This device would shake up the beauty routines of women not only in Australia, but also across the globe. It was our job to make sure the world knew about it!



As exciting as a never-before-seen product is, the fact that it didn’t already exist in the market meant it also required a whole lot of consumer and media education in order for people to get excited – and want in.



With education front of mind, we started the campaign with one-on-one media meetings so we could detail the unique features of the product in an intimate setting. It also acted as a teaser as everyone who saw the product was wanted to try it – which led us nicely into the second phase.

Next, we chose select media to trial a beta version prior to launch so we could continue the momentum we’d created. This tactic secured us strong product reviews in Cosmopolitan magazine, BeautyCrew, Who magazine, Sunday Life, Daily Life, Elle, InStyle, Marie Claire, The Urban List, Woman’s Day and Pedestrian TV.

Enter: Phase three. To continue the FOREO high we invited high-profile Melbourne-based influencers to a beautifully stylised UFO launch event, set in a unique Melbourne rooftop location. Having a location with wow factor meant that our event was prime Instagram fodder, so all the key fashion and lifestyle influencer accounts were flooded with the UFO news… which is precisely what we wanted.



Our unique approach to this launch and our three-phase strategy of using highly targeted media appointments, exclusive testing and a high-profile influencer event meant we gained both mass consumer hype and expert reviews – the perfect balance for a new-to-market product.



The hype we wanted was well and truly achieved! Overall the campaign had a reach of over 84 million with coverage in notable titles such as VOGUE, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Sunday Life and Stellar. High profile influencers Rozalia Russian, Keira Maguire, Tully Smyth, and Twice Blessed all reviewed the UFO across their social channels.