About - Stark Matthews
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With over 20 years of experience in public relations, we have the expertise to provide strategic public relations direction to established companies, present new opportunities to reinvigorate household-name brands and lead start-ups to develop their brand, increase their awareness and stand out from the market.

Years in the industry means that we have close relationships with journalists and bloggers. We use these relationships and our industry know-how to ensure our public relations campaigns are not only successful, but memorable and enjoyable. And we have a lot of fun while we’re doing it.


Co-founder & Director

Anna is a list keeping addict who loves to get creative and quirky when it comes to product launches and media kits. She’s always looking for the best angle to create the next super pitch.  Anna is a big foodie and is the go-to for tips on the best and newest places to eat in Sydney. She’s also constantly on the lookout for the world’s best hot chips. Colleagues and ex-bosses would say that she is highly and thoroughly organised, has exceptional attention to detail, and excels at profile pitching.  Friends would say that she is a fitness guru, is usually having a laugh about something and cooks a mean lamb roast.


Co-founder & Director

Tahira always has her finger on the pulse when it comes to industry trends and news. After all these years in the biz, she still gets a big kick out of landing her clients a gold piece of coverage. She’s a keen baker, a chocoholic and a gourmet pizza snob (hey, she’s half Italian – it comes with the territory).  Colleagues and ex-bosses would say that she is an enthusiastic, motivated, ideas person who loves finding new and clever ways to get people talking about her clients.  Friends would say that she is the epitome of a lady, who has a penchant for lipstick, heels and the finer things in life.