What we do

In a single and seamless process, we tie together the most diverse aspects of the current media and social climate – including social media strategy, scroll-stopping campaign executions and media relations.

We lead our beauty and lifestyle clients from our creative concept, through to a well-rounded and bespoke strategy complete with flawless execution.

So, what exactly can we do for you? Well, for starters, we put together a mean strategic communications plan, complete with punchy to-the-point press releases and out-of-the-box, interactive events—and, of course, our offering doesn’t end there. With a keen focus on social media management and social advertising, along with strong existing relationships in the influencer community, we can guarantee the multi-dimensional media plan you as a potential client is ever seeking out.

We’re efficient, reliable, agile, creative, and strategic. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Don’t underestimate us, we’ve got a whole lot to offer and then some.



Campaign Management

Strategic Public Relations

Influencer Engagement

Event Management

Brand Strategy

Content Creation